Rug Care

  • Vacuum (be careful not to suck the fringes into machine)
  • Spot clean to remove stains as they occur
  • Use a professional cleaning service when the rug or wall hanging is soiled.
  • Inform the company that the article is hand-dyed and hand- woven.
  • Spot and stain removal
    • Act quickly if you spill food or liquid onto the carpet
    • Blot liquids with white tissue paper or a clean absorbent cloth
    • Scoop solids up with the end of a knife and then treat the stain
  • Burn Marks
    To remedy burn marks on your rugs just brush off the charred wool using your fingers or a coin. You will find the mark will generally disappear or at least it will hardly be seen.
  • Important:
    Stains such as orange juice or urine should be treated professionally
    Do not use strong chemicals. Handle this article special weaving with care.